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Mrs Suman Nijhawan founder Principal of O.S.D.A.V.Public School is dynamic Principal, committed herself to the cause of Education. She has the qualities of leadership humility, punctuality, dedication, devotion, sincerity, hardwork and wisdom. She is an able administrator, a crusader against ills of society and humanitarian par excellence.Apart from this, she has lot  to her credit. Thousands of students who have passed out after acquiring high qualifications have got settled at very high positions in their work field. . Her Philosophy  :- Education is not only an instrument to develop the personality of the child but also a source to transform the ‘ Global- Society’ into a caring and responsible one. She believes in an education which would bring physical prowess, intellect, daring spirit’s constructive attitudes,education which is not acquired, discovered and experienced elevates man from materialism to Spiritualism. Under her superb guidance O.S.D.A.V Public Shool Kaithal is fast developing as a dynamic centre of ‘ Educational Excellence’ with a distinct emphasis on creative and innovative learning-orientation.School develops ‘Human Beings’ having scientific temperament and Vedic Values in true spirit who are fearless in action and thought. She has  attended several Educational Workshops and Seminars. Her work speaks for itself. Her unstinting services have been recognized by the Society in the form of Awards. She is the recipient   of many awards may it be from our DAV Management, State Govt., Distt. Administration or well established recognized Social Bodies.To sum up  it is her commitment to the society that she will always try her best to bring 'Quality and Stress free’ education by keeping pace with  the fast growing changes due to globalization and technological developments.  We feel proud about it all.


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